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Annotation widgets for Axure

This Axure widget library contains four styles of including annotations or notes to your design projects. Simply drag and drop a widget. Edit the text-area. Run your prototyping. This kit…

Axure mobile app design flow chart

Mobile app design flow chart widgets

Mobile app design flow chart widgets for designers, developers, business analysts for communicating mobile app design structure more comprehensively. This kit contains 50 flowchart design widgets for use in Photoshop,…

Axure Website sitemap flowchart design widgets

Website sitemap design widgets

Website flowchart sitemap design widgets. Good strategy form the base of most product development projects and this is achieved by good sitemap and flowchart. For better communication between designers, clients,…

Axure Youtube axure kit

Youtube Axure library kit

This Axure library kit contains web elements for a Axure crafted Youtube player with playing states for offline prototyping and testing Embedded Youtube player which can be viewed when online…

Calendar Axure widget kit

Calendar Axure library Kit

This editable and scalable kit contains three complete Calendar elements for a website or application for the year 2015. Rollover states can be changed and so can transition states. Ideal…

Axure Elastic slider kit

Axure Elastic slider library kit

This editable, fully customizable Axure kit contains 8 interactive templates for the Elastic slider. Each template has various states, animations and transitions similar to the JQuery based Elastic slider. Ideal…

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I use the downloaded widgets to test areas with assumed user issues with by user testing. I do the whole process myself so don’t have time to build out every interaction, so any pre-built widgets that I can use in my scenarios helps.


UX Designer

Time, as always time is of the essence so have pre-built widgets for common elements makes a massive difference.


UI Designer

I use these for Mobile & Web based projects. I usually look for widget if I don’t get I will skip the work.



We are moving towards prototyping rather than comps, and flow diagrams hence we use these widgets on enterprise apps; enterprise web presences; enterprise software…


UX Architect

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