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Investment Company Project

Investment Company Project contains real client UX deliverables for a successfully launched project. Really useful for designers who are starting out and designers who want to level up the presentation…

Axure Desktop notifications

Eight desktop notifications for Axure wireframing and prototyping for desktop applications or websites. Included are Error notification Success notifications Info notifications

Axure Browser Bar widgets

Three sets of mobile browser headers and toolbars for Axure wireframing and prototyping mobile designs. Included are browser headers and toolbars for: Safari Chrome Google

Axure Web template bundle

Axure Web Template Bundle

What is this product for? As every senior/Head designer knows, the bigger the project you are working on, the more you need a professional template library to work from. Given…

Axure Google Pixel Line Mockups

Four Google Pixel line mockups for your mobile wireframes and prototyping Axure. Useful for showcasing user flow and journey maps. Included in the kit: Google Pixel 3 Google Pixel 3…

Axure Status Bar widgets

Six Status bar Axure widgets for Android and IOS mobile devices including Iphone X. All Axure widgets natively built, easily customizable to different screen widths.

Axure Pricing Table Widgets

Seven Pricing Table widgets for rapidly prototyping a business website that is selling its services or software packages. Each Axure widget is easily customizable and interactive with mouseover interactions. Included…

Axure Mobile UI Bundle

Axure Mobile UI Bundle

What is this product for? This Axure widget library bundle contains the building blocks and core framework for any iphone mobile design project. Screens can now be drag and dropped within…

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I use the downloaded widgets to test areas with assumed user issues with by user testing. I do the whole process myself so don’t have time to build out every interaction, so any pre-built widgets that I can use in my scenarios helps.


UX Designer

I use these for Mobile & Web based projects. I usually look for widget if I don’t get I will skip the work.



We are moving towards prototyping rather than comps, and flow diagrams hence we use these widgets on enterprise apps; enterprise web presences; enterprise software…


UX Architect

Creating a basic UI mock-up, to help our stakeholders literally see our vision, can take days to turn-around in our “UX” group, because they cannot see the value in sketch-up-quality mock-up that demonstrates the basic ideas. The widgets make it possible for non-Photoshop users to create viable, functional mock-ups in an afternoon.


Head of Product Design

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