You have excitedly selected your widgets, gone through Checkout, and eagerly await your Purchase email with the Download links. But nothing shows up. Don’t worry, it is not an issue that cannot be resolved nor are you the first. As one of the top recurring support issues we receive, we felt we should write a blog post on this topic. Let’s go through the whole journey.

Before purchase
Chose as many Axure widget libraries by selecting “Add to cart”

Once you are done, either go to the Cart or select “Checkout” on your chosen library product

Enter your details (Last name is not mandatory) on the Checkout page and click on “Secure Purchase”.
If your purchase total was for free, you will be directed to a Purchase Confirmation page with you download links highlighted in GREEN. An email copy with the download link is also sent to your email address.

If your purchase total was $1 or more, you are directed to a secure payment section for Paypal or Credit card payment. Then, re-routed back to the site to the Purchase Confirmation page.The Purchase confirmation page will have your download links. If you are not re-directed from Paypal, an email with your download links are also sent to your email address.

Email receipt confirmation
If you went through checkout on the site, an email is sent to your email address and should be in your Inbox.
If you do not find it there, it is one of three reasons

  1. It is in the SPAM folder as some email providers can treat mail with links as a security risk
  2. Your email network has blocked the mail from reaching your Inbox
  3. Your payment is still pending with the Payment service

So what must I do?

  • Check your email folders, both the Inbox and SPAM folders
  • Confirm that your payment has gone through on your card or Paypal. You should have confirmation email from the payment service you used on checkout.
  • Send us a mail and we can send our copy of your purchase receipt with the download links (Expect a response within 12-24 hours due to time difference and longer if its the holidays)

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