Axure mobile UI Cart screens

Axure Iphone Mobile UI: Shopping cart

Part of the Axure mobile UI widget library kit, here are 16 Iphone mobile screens for the eCommerce shopping cart.

Specific purpose
This kit is created for designers who are wireframing shopping cart content for mobile consumption specifically. You pay for exactly what you want.Exact dimensions
Each screen is designed specifically to the iPhone 6 dimensions of 320px by 568px.
Easy customization
Choose any screen to drag and drop then customize it to suit your needs. This will save you lots of project time and increase quality.
Access to multiple icons from FontAwesome
The kit uses icons from the font family Fontawesome and allows you to customisize them as you would a font. We have attached a fontAwesome library to use.
Shopping cart mobile

Shopping cart mobile

Axure Mobile UI Shopping Cart Iphone screens


Cart screen layout