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Six Status bar Axure widgets for Android and IOS mobile devices including Iphone X. All Axure widgets natively built, easily customizable to different screen widths.

Iphone axure widget library which includes Ipad additions focusing on GUI design for the base of any application.   Who is this product for? Mobile designers UX designers UX researchers…

A collection of 16 Axure based interactive footers complete with rollover states. Ideal for any website design rapid prototyping. Preview of full pack LIVE DEMO

Three sets of mobile browser headers and toolbars for Axure wireframing and prototyping mobile designs. Included are browser headers and toolbars for: Safari Chrome Google

Iphone UI design widgets with Ipad additions for creating interfaces for mobile design wireframes.   LIVE AXURE DEMO

This Axure library houses 30 widgets for rapid prototyping of User interface designs for Apple Watch applications.   LIVE DEMO

This product is a responsive web Axure template for a Corporate website that has three views: Desktop view designed to width 1200px Mobile screen is designed to width 320px Tablet…

Axure Social Media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Share, Like, Recommended and Follow buttons included. LIVE DEMO

Part of the Axure mobile UI widget library kit, here are 16 Iphone mobile screens for the eCommerce product page. Specific purpose This kit is created for designers who are…